Unser Team

Dr. med. Matthias Keilich,Doctor
I was born in Darmstadt. After being trained to work as a retail trader in wholesale and foreign trade, I completed my “Abitur” through second-chance education. Subsequently I studied Medicine in Freiburg im Breisgau and earned my PhD with a thesis on a topic related to cardiological surgery. While studying, I worked in the intensive care unit for cardiac and vascular surgery. Later on, I earned the German Diplom degree as a health economist (BI) as well as a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Recently, I finished a specialization in nutritional medicine (BTB).

As a doctor I want to share with you the full spectrum of my knowledge so you can get well as soon as possible.

Email: keilich@keilich.berlin

Miss Alexandra TauschelMedical Assistent
After an internship at an eye doctor a few years ago, I realized that I enjoy working with patients in a practice.

In this family doctor practice I am at your service at all times from the first moment on, whether face to face or on the phone.

Medizinische Assistentin
Email: tauschel@keilich.berlin


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