What do i expect from a docotor?

Good and effective medicine, respect and understanding

Medicine is not good because it’s expensive. Medicine is good because it helps.Politeness, tolerance, understanding and respect can often do more good than quickly prescribing supposedly helpful and expensive pills. It’s crucial to to get understand the needs of the patient, to listen closely to what he has got to say. New drugs are not necessarily better than old ones, whose effects have been understood and tested over time. And we are not only talking about the pharmacological effect. Understanding human beings and knowing how to properly care for them helps much more than everything that can be chemically explained.

At the same time, modern drugs are a wonderful possibility to reduce suffering quickly and sustainably, if they are used responsibly and only in cases where an effect is expected to significantly improve the patient’s health.

The foundation of a good treatment is built on the interaction of two main aspects. On the one hand, the understanding of the human being and on the other hand the understanding of the possibilities offered by modern medicine.

I promise to treat you respectfully and politely at all times, no matter what brings you to me. I always want to have a friendly ear for you and understand what is the matter with you, so I can offer you the optimal therapy.

This does not necessarily have to be the most expensive option. I will explain to you what makes sense from a medical point of view and what the best results that can be achieved are. I will assist you in finding the right treatment.

I will always want to provide you with the best medical treatment.